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Turkey Roasting Guide - Calculate Roast Turkey Times
Turkey Roasting Guide - How to calculate your roast turkey cooking times to create the perfect roast turkey easily and safely.
Hertitage Turkeys - Where to Buy Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Learn about heritage turkeys, and find out where to buy these flavorful birds online for your Thanksgiving feast.
Ask the Rabbi - Why is kosher turkey so tasty?
Dear Rabbi, My parents ate a kosher turkey and believe it is the most delicious turkey they ever tasted. They asked me to find out about it. My guess is that the ...
Turkey: Smoking - Get the Basics of the Smoked Turkey
Smoke your turkey for better flavor and make the most of your Holiday Meal. Smoking turkey is not only easy, but delicious.
Does Eating Turkey Make You Sleepy? - Chemistry - About.com
Find out why everyone wants to take a nap after the big Thanksgiving Day feast. Let's talk turkey and learn about L-tryptophan and carbohydrate metabolism.
Turkey Facts - Names, Biology, Senses & Statistics - About.com
Before sitting down to enjoy that holiday turkey meal, I believe it is appropriate to pay tribute to this splendid bird by discovering some interesting turkey facts.
Turkey: Grilling - About Barbecue & Grilling
In the past, turkey was always prepared over a live fire. Live fire roasting whether on a rotisserie or not is the best way to put flavor in any turkey.
About Turkey - About Barbecue & Grilling
The starting place for all the information on Grilling, Smoking, or Deep Frying Turkey from Brines to Marinades to Rubs and more.
Physics of Turkey - Thermodynamics and the Cooking of a Turkey
Turkeys are native to North America, called "Indian fowls" in some writings of the 1500s. Around 1519, ships began transporting turkeys back to Spain, thus ...
Wild Turkey - Meleagris gallopavo
Detailed bird profile of the wild turkey: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes tips for attracting wild turkeys.
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